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I remember the hype about getting that song on the air!

I had the mac version of KQ6, which didn’t include the vocals (just the background music). I still loved the theme. (I was an adolescent girl… every time that love theme came on it made me swoon… especially when Cassima and Alexander are talking to each other through the chink in the wall!)

Anyway, that summer I bought the Sierra Soundtrack CD so I could hear the song with the vocals. I still have it…

I think it’s too bad that songs from games aren’t more widely played. Even the soundtracks can be hard to get. For years I was hunting for the GK Mysteries pack so I could get the soundtrack (even though I already had both games) — finally got my hands on it earlier this year. I know of a few other games that have come out with soundtracks, but they all seem hard to find… not readily available as I would expect. But maybe I’m just not looking hard enough…