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(re: re: re: Sierra video promos) Stephen,
The promo is 14 minutes long. I am using MPEG1 compression. Roughly 320×240 size. File size is 89Megs. I’ll experiment with some of the streaming formats, as well as the newer MPEG formats. Just did a quick MPEG1 to start for everyone.
Ken, I am all for putting this video on a CD to provide for everyone – I know that d/ling large files again and again can get costly traffic wise. What I would LOVE to be able to do is to take the other videos you have, along with this one, and make a fully authored DVD set that has all of them on there. If you have some of the original tapes from then (3/4 Umatic, Beta, etc etc) I can make great looking MPEG2 DVD’s with a fully authored menu, as well as work on a custom intro and even an animated full motion menu, I’ll even throw it at it’s highest quality for you on a Digibeta tape. I own and have access to tons of video equipment and edit systems – it’s my day job doing multimedia design, and video editing/production – so I am set up for it.
Having a archived DVD set would rock, and I would provide it to anyone who wanted it at cost. We could also add music tracks, excerpts from the games (other than what is shown in the promo videos), concept art, (old photos that you said you have and just received), Box scans, history info, etc etc. Heck, (and I am not joking) I’ll personally gather my video crew and fly out to do a professional on camera interview with ya, and tote around your old stomping grounds while we all relive the 80’s, and throw that on the DVD as well.
Anyway.. the possibilities are virtually endless – all I know is that I want to preserve Sierra (as many on this board are wanting as well), and am willing to do just about anything. Just let me know. I think the videos are a great start!