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The Realm, ok that brings back a lot of memories.

I started that game when it first came online and it was great in those days. At some point I believe Lori Cole was going to get involved as well, although she held back for unknown to me reasons.

Unfortunately, in my opinion the game was ruined by Steven at the time , plus the decision to wipe everyone’s accounts due to some game bug being exploited when the game was out of Beta, I even recall writing an email to Ken about it, but due to my misfortune it was the day he had left the company; His reply confirmed what the future of Sierra was going to be from thereon.

Bittersweet memories, I miss the good old days when I would turn on my 8086 machine, go make a cup of coffee, do some housework, make some phonecalls and return to see it still booting up, hehe. King’s Quest Games were and still are my favourite passtime.


K. Pantelios