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(re: Programming in Sierra games) “not programmed too well….”
You have to define “well” in the scope of the context under which the games were developed. Basically a person or team will make a decision based on everything they have to hand at the time. Using an internal CPU clock tick (or whatever the actual issue is) for some timing might well have been the best option that they came up with at the time?!
I would comment on the Sierra installers…. The installer developers seem to make the whole process rather clunky. Take GK1…. original, installs OK on Win2K as does later Sierra Originals release…. now, try the same with the GK Mysteries collectors edition. It doesn’t work very well at all! More recently, HL1 had a massive bug in the installer where if you changed the default installation directory, when later uninstalled it wiped out all directories recursively from the root of where it was installed (IIRC).
The fact that LucasArts adventures don’t suffer the same problems could simply mean their engine didn’t work in that way or they came up with a different solution to a similar problem… However, I had lots of trouble with DOTT sounds (both floppy and CD releases had issues!). Without the likes of SCUMMVM, I’d imagine it’d be just as difficult running their games on a modern system.