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This is a question that has boggled my mind for years – why on god”s green earth, when CD technology has led to almost insignificant production costs, do companies like VU feel it unnecessary and unprofitable to re-release classic games? If there isn”t enough demand to justify adding shelf space in a retail store, why don”t the companies offer the games online? Hell, they could even offer them just for download! Perhaps Ken, or another present or former manager, could explain the practical business reasons for not doing this, if there are any. I can”t think of a single one aside from personal politics inside the company – VU management might have beef with the Williams, so they won”t re-release Roberta”s games. Same deal with Al Lowe, etc.

A great exception to this rule is Rockstar Games. They have begun to offer their older games online for free, even with updated game engines so the older games can be played on modern systems without bugs: 

Why is this the exception instead of the norm?