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(Let me introduce myself…) Hello my name is Keith Weatherby II. I’m new here, as you can tell. Umm… i’ve been playing games since the 80’s 😉 and sierra games since the late 80’s starting with Mickey’s Space Adventure on the c64. Then when I managed to burn the c64 out by leaving it on too long, we shortly therafter got a tandy 1000hx with a monochrome monitor. Then later a 286. Got King’s Quest 4 thereafter, and then not too much later Space Quest 3 (reguardless of what anyone says I beleive this is the best game of the series)… later I managed to get King’s Quest 6, and 5 way later in like a surplus computer store. I also got space quest 6 from my friend as a b-day present. Oh yeah, I managed to rent space quest 4 back in the software pipeline days… But I never copied it just played it returned it, etc… and later got a copy from my friend (er legal copy not, copy-copy, he managed to get it in some sort of classics pack and gave me his old copy that he had bought). Anyways… Currently I still have my old tandy/ibm compatible version of space quest 3 and king’s quest 4. Actually these are my original bought copies and they still work too, all the way back from the late 80’s early 90’s (can’t remember exactly, it’s all hazy)! My version of King’s Quest 6 is the disk version, which IMHO is better than the cd version (I played around with the cd version at my friends house one day, liked the disk version better). Unfortunately some of the disks got corrupted 🙁 But I still managed to keep it, maybe someday I can find a copy to buy if any copies of the disk version (that still work) exist. So i’ve been a fan since way-way back. I do have a confession to make though, I like many others, converted to LucasArts… However even so, Sierra adventures were instrumental in getting me interested in computer games, computer programming, etc. Now i’m delighted to find a place here like this to share the memories. Thanks Ken and Roberta 🙂
Keith Weatherby II –