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(re: re: Sierra Video Catalog) Other than a bunch of games, I did hold onto a letter from Sierra answering a hint question for Gold Rush. It has pictures of Sierra characters down the side such as Rosella, Larry, Hero, etc. As for the Catalog, mine didn’t have QFG on it, and I’d really be interested to see the ad blurb for that on video. I do have non-Sierra stuff like a hundred holograms from the adventure game Dondra which got me into Sierra games. It was like a Sierra game, but no animated character. I think I have a few later date Interaction magazines too. My parents are cleaning the attic so I’m finding things I’d forgotten about. I also have most of the Sierra Quest hintbooks in the Companion series, I.E. KQ Companion, SQ Companion. I am currently doing a project for my computer art class in which I am making paintings out of classic Sierra game screens. Currently I have done Manannan’s house in KQ3. Looking for other ideas. Also would like any material on Sierra art from anyone as I need to write a paper on it as well. Currently I have the archived Sierra Newsletters from 1988-89 but anymore would be great. There are a lot of students in my class interested in my work so perhaps I can reignite a spark in them. I’ll talk to everyone later.