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(re: re: RPG’s as opposed to Adventure Games) Never been into rpg’s, fooling around with stats, and turn based battles, where you have to decide what many weapons/spells to use, and then watching hitpoints count down, instead of actually seeing a decent battle, isn’t my idea of fun. Plus pointless side-quests that are used only to gain experience points and gold, aren’t that fun either, since in effect it takes you away from the main story. That’s what I like about adventure games, most of the puzzles and stuff (if done correctly) contribute to the main story. Plus you don’t have to get bogged down in a lot of non-fun details like stats and item choice. As far as whether they’re related, of course they are 🙂 an adventure game is essentially role-playing, and an rpg is essentially adventure, since adventure would include “venturing” but more specifically exploring. I prefer to think of adventures as “streamlined rpg’s” in that the things that rpg’s use that take you away from the story are dropped, and it’s pared down until you essentially have an interactive movie/fiction (or a cross-breed of the two). But in both you still play a role (player character’s) and you still do some adventureing (exploring).