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Another game that I would recommend is Neverwinter Nights. There are some people that cannot stand the game, but I think it is fun. There are multiple ways to play the game. You can play the official campaign, which is a 40 hour “adventure” with a story line. The campaign for the expansion pack is better than the one with the regular game, in my opinion. There are also many user made mods that feature good story lines and quests. Persisitant worlds are what I normally use. It is more like Ultima On-line if you have played that. A big world where you basically find people to party up with and then explore the various areas. Some servers also have houses you can buy, and tradeskills you can develop such as blacksmithing, tanning, mining, and gemcutting. You can then sell your wares to other players by setting up a vendor. I have been playing it a lot lately and it is pretty cool. You just have to find good mods or servers.