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(re: re: RPG’s as opposed to Adventure Games) emily, you didn’t play the rest of the QFG series yet?? wow, am I envy you! you are expected to experience some great games! But: as I understand, the QFG2 remake won’t be with a text-parser. I strongly recommend to play QFG2 with a text-parser. The plot and story are very good; the whole point is to truly understand what’s happening and think what to ask, what to do. You can ask any question to anybody. Unlike in non-text-parsing games, in which you just click “talk” and see the possibilities. The text-parsing is making the game harder, but also much more entertaining and fun. You feel that’s YOU have actually traveled there ! The graphics also discourged me at first, but QFG 2 (which was the last Sierra game in 16 colors) gets you into the story so much (thanks to the text-parser as well) that it seems to be 32-bit color or so… [but really, being the last EGA game, QFG 2 utilize the full and most rich effect an EGA screen can get!]
As a QFG veteran (and one of the webmasters of
), I truely recommend you to play the original QFG 2 !
It’s up to you!