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21 Grams for me wasn’t that memorable when I watched it last December. I thought the movie was a bit too melodramatic.

Memento was great though. I remember while watching it on DVD, I got to thinking it’s just like a computer game. The ending/twist was pretty good and worth the movie. I didn’t get it at first, I had to search the web to complete my understanding of the movie.

Mulholland Drive was a very creepy movie for me. I don’t know why, my mind was just messed up weeks after watching it. Reading some of the interpretations just make it worse. But strangely enough I liked it, I was scared, but it was good. 12 Monkeys was also good, lots of interesting concepts. I kept second-guessing Brad Pitt’s character.

Puzzle/weird/thinking movies are among my favorites. If you enjoy them, I can recommend M. Night Shyamalan’s movies, Unbreakable and Signs. Shyamalan makes thinking movies that sell well to the public.