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You’re right, I was able to download the emulator (it’s called the standalone ActiveX, took me a few minutes to find on the site), and KQ4’s disk images and get started. I had heard months ago that the Apple IIGS version of KQ4 was a “stripped down” version that didn’t include the same movies as the SCI DOS version. I disputed this at the time — I played KQ4 for the IIGS originally, and many years later played the SCI version in DOS, and didn’t notice a difference. Well, I was wrong… they are very different. the IIGS version looks like it’s similar to the AGI DOS version, but I have not fired up the AGI version to compare them. The graphics in the IIGS version seem to be based on the same artwork as the SCI version, but with less detail. Also, text boxes are handled differently, and the parser cursor remains at the bottom of the screen at all times as in AGI.

Still, the IIGS sound is much, much better.

I haven’t played very far but it does not seem that the IIGS is “missing” movies (which is what I had heard the difference was), just that the movies may have fewer animations and may be stripped down a bit.

On an unrelated note, I also downloaded Zany Golf (an EA game) which I had borrowed from a friend for my IIGS many years ago, and always wanted to own. There’s a DOS version but it sucks. I was having much fun with it until I ran into problems with the cursor that seem to be emulator-related. In any case, just being able to play it and listen to the music was great. I am having a great time reliving my youth… who’d have thought I’d miss that clunky Apple so much when my dad suddenly got rid of it!