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(re: re: Playing old games on new systems) Collector – I just found and started playing with NAGI before I read your post! 🙂 It looks good, I wish there were some graphics filters though. FreeSCI is a bit of a pain to get going in Windows, but it looks like it’ll be worth it. Oh, and when you use Firebird/-fox as your primary browser, you get used to tinkering to make things work…even if you aren’t a developer. 🙂
DD – I’ve always loved the idea of MESS. It would be great to have just two emulators (MESS and MAME) on my machine rather than ten. Unfortunately, at this point there’s just too little there for me. It’s a huge project and when it’s done it should defeat all other emulators. 😉 But right now, I’ll just keep a menu for all my emulators. Too bad they couldn’t just rustle up the creators of all the best emulators.
Thanks to both of you for the tips. Happy gaming!