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Politics CONTROLS every aspect of the MEDIA today. Trace the real owners of VU Games, and you’ll discover that they’re pro-Globalist, anti-Americans bent on destryoing anything American, yet still taking most of our dollars.

Also, whenever Liberals touch anything in this country, within a year or two it slants one-way, refuses to acknowledge any other opinion, or even the right that opinions exist!

You consider that both Apple and Microsoft are owned by ego-maniacal Conservatives such as Gates and Jobs, and you see the innovation that goes into their products. Same was true for old Westwood, Sierra, and such. I’m not talking crazy religious Right-Wing wackos who shove the Bible in a persons face, but just people who want to deliver a quality product and an affordable price. Hence the true definition of Conservative.

If you don’t want up to this fact, then you’re asleep at the wheel and should get off the road, take a breath, and decided if you want to continue down the road or up the road. Take your pick, it’s you choice.

But Liberals have invaded video/PC games, and have crashed it down to only a few genres in the name of lower-quality/higher prices. VU Games, Inforgrames Atari, and THQ are the biggest Liberal companies in gaming today, and are very paranoid about people stepping and in and telling them that, face it, their games suck most of the time and don’t sell, yet they complain and blame in on piracy over and over again.

By the way, why not have on discussion on this site with a political view-point and opinions? If Ken objects, and he runs the site, then it’ll be stopped. If he salutorily neglects said discussion, then let it go.