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The Hobbit and Sierra’s Lord of the Rings games are excellent games in an arena filled with shitty clones of Tomb Raider and Doom.

I’ve confronted both Editor-in-Chiefs of EGM and PSM. They tell their staff to over use the suffix “-ass” in a description and they wouldn’t know a good game if they designed one and sold a billion copies. They magazines write for an audience of nobody, as the kids I know who play video games all go on-line to get info from various websites. Since both magazines are owned by Liberals, you can draw your own conclusions as to why they even write what they write.

What the article-in-rant should acknowledge is that King’s Quest is more respected than The Hobbit, but that King’s Quest has sold (or via piracy) more copies out there than most modern games have sold.

Lastly, I hate magazines that tell how to “think”. I want an honest opinion, and I find word-of-mouth and chat rooms the best and honest review of any game.

Shame on these magazines for anything they do.