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(re: Off topic question…) I had a 10d, upgraded to the 1d and now to the 1ds.

I loved the 10d. It’s lighter than the 1d, and has a built-in flash — and, zoom on the LCD screen. I upgraded to the 1d thinking the extra quality justified the expense. The quality is better, but since 99% of what I shoot winds up on the web, it’s not clear that the extra quality justifies the added weight.

I am hard on a camera. My 1d was looking totally trashed, so I upgraded to the 1ds. Thus far I’m very disappointed. The quality difference is imperceptible. The 1ds costs around $7,500 whereas the 1d has dropped dramatically in price. If you do upgrade, you may want to consider looking on eBay for a 1d. I’m guess you would spend around $1,800 used or $2,500 new.

I’m currently thinking I’d buy another 10d to use as a second camera.

-Ken W