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(re: The Hybrid Gamer) Johann de Waal, I haven’t taken offense and you’re right, I’ve been away from gaming for awhile indeed. I hope you do neither take offense when I say that I find your statement of opinion a little void of substantiation. So what made you think Doom 3 was so “derivative” and “unoriginal”?

To give just one example, I thought the
internet ad whose URL can be found in a spam e-mail that comes with a PDA file was a great idea and to me it shows some dedication on id Software’s behalf. I really like the way it’s done; to me it’s the closest thing to Infocom’s feelies I’ve seen in a long time. The combination opens a cabinet containing some equipment that’s locked with a keypad combination – the one you can find on the homepage. In which FPS have you come across something like that lately?