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(re: The Hybrid Gamer) Is there an online game like Legend of Zelda 64: Ocarina of Time?

I thought that would be great. I would pay monthly up to $39.95 if the game was good enough!!

MMORPG with the tight physics and simple graphics of Zelda 64, or the cell-based graphics of the New Zelda for GameCube,… It can’t be too random like EverQuest… more like Hero’s Quest (QFG) where you have classes of fighters, maybe a custom image for your face. Lots of adventures (missions) given to you by the NPC’s that wander the village in 3-D with horses,…. whoa. Of course if it’s Zelda: CHICKENS are in the town. They are everywhere. No rats, but.. lots of chickens. And they are quite annoying.

I can’t find a game like that right now…