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(re: The Hybrid Gamer) Yea I have a huge problem with adventure gamers calling people “shallow” for playing action games. I’ve noticed this attitude prevalent among most online adventure game communities and websites that I’ve come across. They’ll say things like “if you’re a pimply-faced adolescent looking for info on Grand Theft Auto Version 26, you’re in the wrong place.” The really great part is that they almost always name games that are actually much better than any adventure game has been in at least half a decade (GTA, Mario, etc.).

The first time I saw something like this was way back in 1996 or so, a few months before Super Mario 64 came out. It was in PC Gamer’s adventure column. The guy writes “…the world does not need another bloody Super Mario game!” Super Mario 64, 8 years later, remains one of the top 5-10 games ever made (personally I’d say 1-3).

The attitude seems to be something fairly unique to adventure gamers – I find that people who have a “favorite genre” other than adventure often do play some of the best games in other genres.