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Of course I am a Sierra fan since the PCjr days, and I was dearly looking forward to these compilations for the simple aspect of them playing nice with Windows XP. I heard rumors of them just throwing in DosBox in there for use and that had me somewhat dismayed. 
    I want to clarify for everyone like me, that even though, yes, it does use DOSBox, it’s not that simple. I have used DOSBox off and on and, while I know that it’s probably my idiocy, I have always had some trouble with DosBox. Thusly, I still use my old 486 System. 
    BUT, with these releases, after you install the games, there is a simple ‘King’s Quest Launcher’ where you can simply click on a game and it starts, at least in my case, with no crap involved. I tried out every game one by one, and they all worked great! 
    I am glad to see these back into the stores, and to be totally honest, I was suprised they were actually in a BOX, albiet a light one 🙂 Very cool. 
    I will admit I would still prefer the Roberta Williams version with all the other games in there, but hey, we gotta take what we can get!