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Wow, this is crazy stuff!

No, they are not at all the same thing- but I don’t see your point. Are you outraged? I think if people want to crossdress and that gives them identity, who are we to say ‘Wow, that’s wrong’. Especially when we’re taking about an adult computer game. I don’t think parents gave their kids a cop game like PQ either, with bullets and violence.

Prostitution, homosexuality and crossdressing I have no problem with. Doesn’t mean it’s for me, though 🙂

Anyway. As for SEGA and Nintendo censorship, I think censorship is ridiculous. Look at what’s censored, heartwarming scenes like the after-sex scene in Rise of the Dragon’s SEGA CD release.

The reason SEGA censored Sierra games for example was because it means American review boards don’t see it. It’s a way of dumbing games down and getting them on the shelf.

Which sucks, because most video games don’t have enough ‘real’ content, it’s either fairy land or pseudo-over the top-violence which gets a high rating anyway. Censorship liek SEGA’s ROTD job is simply censoring the good aspects of things like sex, which IMO should not be censored.

But America (and my country, Australia)’s censorship views and such are completely screwed and uber-conservative anyway, so it’s kind of a futile topic in my sad opinion.

– Alistair