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The only problems I had with the QFG VGA was a bug that altered the graphics perodically, but it could be dealt with by saving and restarting and then restoring. The other problem I had is that when you visit Erasmus, you can only play the mage’s maze the first time he asked you. There isn’t any way to directly ask him to play the game with you (unless, I’ve missed something all these years).

Also, on a side note, in The secret passage after you kill the troll, there is no treasure stash..I’ve always wondered why they took that out..

LSL 1 VGA and SQ 1 VGA, I have no complaints about. The only thing in SQ1 VGA, I am aware that they changed was getting past the grate monster underground. You can’t just walk against the wall, you actually have to use something to neturalize it. A far better solution and does not at all effect plot continuity.

As for the Ulence Flat Scenes in SQ 4, I’ve always wondered what they were thinking, since SQ1 VGA had to be on the drawing board when they were finishing SQ4. What I think would have made a great in-game joke, would be if that the Ulence Flats suffers some kind of glitch that causes its to revert to CGA graphics after Roger leaves….