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PQ1EGA was one of my favorite games of all time.  I played it to death.  I was excited when I saw a VGA remake at the store but I didn’t have a PC.  I finally got the PQ Collection and played the VGA remake last year.  I have to say it was pretty horrible.  I didn’t even notice the continuity issues.  I was too busy hating the dumbed-down icon system, the pointless driving, and the complete destruction of the old Lytton.  The driving was probably the worst part.  The original gave you freedom to drive anywhere with or without your lights on.  And it really ruined the police procedure part of the game when you could just click on someone and have the game do the procedure for you instead of actually needing to know the procedure.  The original is simply better in every way and I even prefer the graphics and sound.  I had the IIgs version though, so it had excellent sound.  It had a charm the VGA version lacked.  PQ1VGA is a touchy subject for me.

I did like the VGA version of Quest for Glory, though.  That got it right.  I haven’t played Space Quest VGA or LSL VGA yet.  I’m sure I’d like them except for the continuity issue in Space Quest too since in SQ4 you go back to SQ1 with its VGA graphics.  Very awesome segment.