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Ironically, I see QuestStudios have just put out a ‘help wanted’ request in relation to fans making audio CD covers. Funny, no?

I’ve got a GK1 artist, a LB1/2 artist, a QFG4 artist, a SQ5/6 artist.. just need a PQ1/2 one. And note that of the 4 mentioned, ALL are original designs, except GK1, which is screenshots from the game.

I’m really not fussed whether it’s original or game or other reference-material based, as long as someone is willing to put time/effort into it and create something which looks nice. 🙂

I’d say by mid-2005, even, there’ll be a lot more Sierra music around. QuestStudios should’ve finished their QFG1, QFG2 and Heart of China soundtracks at the very least, and I should finish GK1, QFG4, PQ1/2 at the very least.

With regards to whether I’m asking or not asking, let me clarify.
If someone is going to create original artwork for me, my request for PQ1/2 scans bcomes redundant.
But, in terms of artists, I wasn’t specifically targeting this forum for one. I was more looking for the material itself. But at the same time if I could find an artist here I would definitely be pleased to do so. You get the idea, I hope. 🙂 (Gotta love my logic.)

– Alistair