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Yeah, Tom’s covers are OK 🙂 I’m not sure you’re going to find anyone here talented enough to make covers of quality enough without using Sierra material such as scans of the box art – I didn’t know that’s what you meant, making something without reference scans. Another thing that might have good scan material would be the PQ1 VGA hintbook, I assume there is one, though again it’s not something I have. I’m talking about really nice looking CD covers here, something you’d expect to see in a store.

“So I’d say by 2006 there’ll be a lot more around.”


“I wasn’t really ‘applying’ for one here”

I am a bit confused then, because you asked for scans in your first message and then said in your reply that you didn’t need them, and then you asked for an artist in your first message but now say you aren’t “applying” for one!