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Well, in terms of CD artwork, using box scans is more of what QuestStudios does. Tom (the webmaster) does it all himself, the music and the artwork. I much prefer to focus on the music and let others do the artwork. To that end, I’ve been fortunate enough to have such great contacts in the Sierra community that I’ve had many offers and volunteers for different artwork projects. Always surprised at the generousity and spirit of the community.

So if an artist was to help out, the box scans would become largely redundant. Some nice images though. Since I own the box for PQ2 I can probably do that myself.. however it’s not in ‘perfect’ condition.

Shame you haven’t heard about SMC, though I wouldn’t blame you- SMC’s updates have been completely ‘behind-the-scenes’ this year (er, last year :P). However I’m changing that this month, with some releases finally due.

With regards to the DVD compilation, what a cool project that sounds! On the note of Sierra music I’d suggest that 2005 will be a busy year for it. QuestStudios seems intent on moving forward and working with and releasing as much MIDI/digital music as possible, which is great. Likewise I have a lot of half-finished projects that will likely be released within short times of each other. So I’d say by 2006 there’ll be a lot more around.

Anyone doing artwork is appreciated. I wasn’t really ‘applying’ for one here, but I’m sure as heck not going to reject your response, Brandon. 🙂 Get back to me.

Thanks for your prompt response!
– Alistair