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(re: re: re: re: re: re: re: re: re: PQ and real police training) Rod, I never knew you were married to Tammy. Of course I never asked about it and it’s not on the net anywhere. You two always used different names so there is no logical connection for non (ex)Sierra/VUG people. Anyways congrats, better late then never. :p And also thanks Tammy for (writing) the great SWAT 3 game 🙂 Kenny Thatcher Jr. in SWAT too, never knew that either, cool. Cool Sierra story, developing games sounds like fun, maybe one day I’ll try it out too. I saw the SWAT movie too, I really liked the beginning, nice and realistic but then planes started to land on bridges and stuff… argh Hollywood… The movie could have been so cool, well at least the beginning was. > “What did the police departments/ SWAT think of those space helmets in SWAT 3 btw Rod?” < > They were fine with it. The idea was inspired from a conversation I had with one of the founding members of LAPD SWAT (the character “Hondo” from the recent SWAT Movie and original TV show is based upon him). His name is Ron McCarthy and he is a real legend within SWAT circles. What was the conversation about then, if it can be made public of course? I always found it weird and it would have been cool if you guys would have also added the regular helmets to choose from. But if the idea was inspired from a conversation with a legend, who am I to argue 🙂 Rod, if you want I can have a look for the “SWAT Generations” pack and send it to you. Just send me a mail. Do you have all the other ones too, like SWAT Career Pack, Police Quest: SWAT Force etc.? – Micha