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(re: re: re: PQ and real police training) “…his name still appears in the credits of all 3 SWAT 3 games, CQB, Elite Edition and TGOTY. “
Does Gates’ name appear on the front of the box? I left the company before the third installment came out, but remember that the one time I visited Sierra (after my departure), I ran into Tammy Dargan and she gave me a quick demo of the third SWAT game, and showed me a mockup of the box. I never saw the final version, but on the version I saw, they had dropped Gates.
On a different topic: One of the early Police Quest games had a poker game in it. I wrote the game, and I think it was the last code I wrote that was published by Sierra. As the company grew, I had less and less time to write code. Someday I’ll have to replay the game, just to see how good (or bad) the poker game is.
-Ken W