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Thanks for the (fast) reply Ken.

I knew I read about PQ (1) being used for training, didn’t really know the SWAT series were used for that. Of course it’s a nice training tool. This is what I found on the back cover of a PQ 1 box on Moby Games:

“So real it’s used as a police training tool!
Police Quest is a serious training tool… Luck does not play a part in successfully completing the program. The simulation is based on skill and knowledge… The dept of training is enormous. – Law and Order Magazine”

So can you remember any police department using PQ 1 –4 or so being used for training. Like how they used it, for what purpose etc.? What did/ do you think of that anyways, cops using the games you guys made for training?

> “After Sierra was sold, one of the stranger moves that the new owners made was to drop Daryl Gates’ name, and association with the SWAT product. My understanding, which I haven’t confirmed, is that he doesn’t appear on the third SWAT game.”

Well his name still appears in the credits of all 3 SWAT 3 games, CQB, Elite Edition and TGOTY. As can be seen on the Moby Games site:,26457/  and I have checked the manual of the game I have to be sure 😛

I also saw that Al Lowe worked on PQ 1, nice 🙂

The so called next SWAT game SWAT 4/ Urban Justice has dropped the LAPD SWAT license and has been postponed, delayed and all other horrible things like; most developers have left, engine change etc. etc. I guess the line I liked from the PQ series: “Proper police procedures have to be followed.” is not going to apply to this one since they want to reach a larger more “killing orientated” audience to sell more. Sierra made the PQ series, VUG might have ended it.

I enjoy reading about (the old) Sierra and how it all got started etc., nice site Ken.