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I think your loyalty to Jim Walls is very misplaced. You may not be aware that, at least as far as I understand, he had almost nothing to do with Police Quest 3.

I don’t wish to speculate on needless tabloid gossip, and I’m sure if Ken wished for any of the details to be told he would share it himself, but I am led to believe from numerous sources through the years that Jim left PQ3 in a total state of disarray when he abruptly quit and almost the entire game had to be redone. He had nothing to do with the PQ1 remake either.

So I wouldn’t go making Jim Walls king of the world or anything. I like the Police Quest series as much as the next guy, probably more, just trying to make sure we keep some perspective here. The greatness of the PQ games is the product of a whole lot more people than Jim Walls.