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(Tsunami, Jim Walls, Police Quest)

Sierra meant a lot to me growing up. I especially appreciated the Space Quest and Police Quest series. Which explains WHY both series’ decline came as a major dissappointment. I know the story behind Space Quest and how the two guys from andromeda split up, etc. but I doubt the real story behind Sierra’s split with Jim Walls (read in the press that it was quite acrimonious), and the rest of the people who went to Tsunami, has ever been told.

How did this happen?

I’ve seen the post-Walls Police Quest games praised for their realism, but as games they were bloody awful. (It is only with the excellent SWAT 3 that the series, though not really PQ anymore, have picked up again.) We were all playing Sierra games were I come from, and the killing off of classic Police Quest and the adventures of Sonny Bonds made quite a few people very mad.

PS. I apologise if this question has already been answered in sufficient detail elsewhere on this most excellent site. If it has, please point the way.