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i really enjoyed PQ1 and 2. PQ1, i solved all by myself without a hint book when i was 11 or so… i was very proud of myself! and i loved PQ2 because i was a budding adolescent and liked the love story. ahh, hormones…

i’ve never played PQ3 all the way through, since we had a mac in those days and it didn’t come out for the mac. (i had it ordered for months… big disappointment for me when the mac port was cancelled.) i have it now, and have played part of it on Win98, but for some reason it hasn’t gripped me like the others. i did play the PQ1 remake for the first time recently and really enjoyed that… a nice mix of nostalgia and new stuff.

PQ4 i have mixed feelings about. i really liked the realism of this game. but, i didn’t like the ending. it stopped being believeable for me, and i didn’t like the departure from police procedure (where’s his backup?!) so while i enjoyed the game for the most part, the ending was a big disappointment. (i also played this game on a mac initially, and recently picked up a PC version… maybe i will change my mind if i play it again.)