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(re: Love for Police Quest) Yea, the Police Quest games were great when Jim Walls was doing them. I snagged another Walls game about policework… I think it was called “Blue Force” by Tsunami <sp> or something.
Long time fan, just came out of a 5-year College induced Coma to find out that Sierra (along with most other fond memories from my youth) has been decimated. I knew it was coming every since the Company was sold– still I can’t believe there are so many other people out there with such a fond memory of the “Old Sierra.” Makes you wonder why anyone would risk changing perfection, eh? It’d be nice if one of us had enough extra loot taking up space to buy the company back and save a part of Computer Gaming History.
My Thesis Paper, “The Collapse of Sierra: or how to destroy a Computer Gaming Dynasty in 3 easy steps,” will be posted shortly.
After I go play some golf.