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i was a huge fan of the first two PQ games. i played them when i was a kid. couldn’t play the third one because it was never released for the mac (big disappointment for me, i’d supposedly had it back ordered for months and then sierra sent me a card saying it would never come… bleah). PQ4 was released for the mac though. it’s very different from the first three, but still a good game. i like very realistic games and liked how the graphics were done in this one (especially at the mini mart!)

i acquired PQ3 for the pc a few years ago and started it, but haven’t finished. maybe i should go back to it. the driving was very difficult for me but i have a slower machine now that i could try it on. unless your computer’s old, you’re definitely going to need moslo or turbo… i first tried playing PQ3 on a 366MHz processor and couldn’t get through the driving without moslo.