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(re: Police Quest Collection ver 2) Hi,
I own the “Collection Series” edition of Police Quest. It’s in a wide box with lift up front flap and has a “over $200 value” graphic on the front right. Games include PQ1,2,3,4 and SWAT.
Anyways, all Sierra did with this – bless their marketing division 🙂 – was throw in the CD and manual from the previous PQ collection (entitled The Police Quest Collection – The 4 Most Wanted) together with the 4*CD set of Police Quest SWAT.
As for the manual, it only covers the first 4 games (obviously given my previous comment!) and is a half letter sized glue bound book of 228 pages.
Was the item sealed properly or made to look like it was sealed (i.e. had been resealed)? Perhaps the seller didn’t know the manual was missing?

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