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thanks mxCoder. it’s been really fun making it. we are going to do another one too, we just aren’t certain what yet. we’ll keep everyone here updated.

yeah, the card game was all but done when my hard drive crashed. i lost all of the code. i didn’t want to start over with it really. i remember i was emailing al lowe at the time about something, and i told him how it happened and how i was dumb enough not to back up my stuff. he said, ‘remember what uncle al taught you: save early, save often.’ you’d think i would have learned that playing all of the old sierra games, but i learned it the hard way i guess.
i ended up having many, many more pc problems. so much that i finally jumped ship to apple. i used to have a zune mp3 player, and when i switched to mac i needed an ipod. so i got the ipod touch. i thought it was so awesome i decided to learn to code for it, which is why the popcorn game idea came back around. so i guess something good came from my pc problems. oh, and now i use the mac time machine backup thing every weekend usually, and every day when i’m working on a project. i’m not going to have that happen to me again.