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As far as adventure games go, if we’re talking classic Sierra adventure games, I definitely prefer the parser over the cursor icons since it allows you to be more creative and offers more interactivity, but the icons can still be nice since they simplify things and streamline some of the tedious aspects of the games.  For example, I’m torn between Hero’s Quest and Quest for Glory I VGA.  I like both equally even though they both offer different experiences.  I liked LucasArts’s SCUMM verb-object system, as well since it kind of merged parser creativity and interactivity with cursor icon simplicity.

I think with today’s games, you’re almost always going to have better control with a keyboard and mouse.  But on the other hand, you’re probably missing out on things like force feedback.  I buy my games for PC whenever I have the option because PC games are cheaper than console games, they offer better controls, graphics, and sound, unless you have an HD TV and surround sound and a system that can support it.  Indigo Prophecy was a good game, but I only played it on PC so I don’t know how it compares to consoles.  What was different about the console/PC experience?  I didn’t know there was an uncut European version of the same game called Fahrenheit until I already won Indigo Prophecy, or I would’ve played that instead.  Generally, PC versions almost always have better graphics if your computer can support it and offer customizable controls so your less likely to get frustrated.  I’m sure there are some exceptions to the rule, but that’s usually due to a limitation of the game not taking advantage of the PC’s strengths.

I have a friend who hates computer games with a passion.  She absolutely refuses to play a computer game because she doesn’t like the controls.  She even bought an adventure game, tried it once, and threw it out when she became frustrated with clicking to move.  I don’t understand that at all.  I wish she remembered what game it was that she threw out.

The main advantage that consoles have that doesn’t really affect adventure games is multiplayer and co-op.  And of course, if your computer isn’t the most capable gaming rig, you might be better off getting a console version instead if you have the choice.