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I like PC games better.  The 3D of a consul games that I have played are very unrealistic.  I bet that has changed by now.  It feels like I am in a 3D world that has very little to do and everything is setup for your character to interact with in the simplest way possible.  I like the keyboard control for 3D adventure games like Tomb Raiders and Battlefield 1942 (not a real adventure).  Even though the keyboard is more complicated at first, it gives a more fuid control.  In Tomb Raiders, I can run in one direction and keep my eye on the enemy.  Syberia uses the point and click.  When Kate Walker walks : ) down the street I may click near the end of the street but after the screen scroll I have to click again.  I have heard in this forum that the text interface taught many people, young and old, learn the english language.  In the game Ultima The Black Gate they use the mouse but when the mouse in not used to click where you want to go but in which direction you want to move.  You only have to hold the mouse in the direction and you continue to move without clicking. 
There is much more to talk about on this issue and many ways games use input device controls.  Battlefield is a great combination of keyboard and mouse.  It does get difficult to look 360 around when you have to pick up the mouse and slide it over and over.  A track ball might work better.
Anyways thats my thoughts.