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On behalf of Phoenix Online Studios, I’m pleased to announce a new round of recruitment for our project The Silver Lining. The Silver Lining is a fan-produced continuation of Sierra’s classic King’s Quest series that is being produced a dedicated team spanning the globe with the legal consent of Vivendi Games, the series current copyright holders, as well as the blessing of series creators Ken and Roberta Willams.

We are currently seeking talented individuals to fill new positions in Art, Programming, and Audio. Experience using Maya and/or the Torque engine would be a distinct advantage. These positions consist of:

3D Modelers
– Create 3D game sets and characters based on 2D designs from other artists

3D Texturists
– Create textures for sets and characters based on the 2D painted versions

3D Animators
– Create in-game motion used in sequences and cut-scenes

Sound Designers
– Design sound effects to accompany in-game animations

– Code game scenes by linking art, sound and writing together

In addition to your technical and artistic ability, we’re also looking for those who can demonstrate good teamwork, time management, motivation and problem-solving abilities in meeting weekly production deadlines. As each portion of this game will be made available as a free download from our website upon completion, these positions are unpaid and voluntary. Communication over email and MSN Messenger is also required to coordinate tasks and progress reports.

If you are interested in joining this vibrant team, gaining valuable game development experience and creating something special, please view the full position descriptions and application details at or contact me at with any queries.