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Phoenix Online Studios is pleased to bring you the all new “The Silver Lining” website! The new site offers all of the same great features, but with an all new theme, new areas to explore, and much more! The Silver Lining is Phoenix Online Studios’ first project and is an adventure game based on Sierra’s popular “King’s Quest” series and created with permission from Vivendi Studios. The Silver Lining continues the “King’s Quest” story where “Kings Quest VIII: Mask of Eternity” left off. The game includes all the people and places you came to know and love (despise in some cases) in the original “Kings Quest” series. Check it out today:

Along with the new site, Phoenix Online Studios is pleased to announce that the game trailer for The Silver Lining is now available once again. We highly encourage you to download and view this first glimpse into the world of The Silver Lining. Old and new fans alike will not be disappointed at the quality and creativity that is going into the creation of this new adventure. To download the trailer, just click here:

Have a little extra creativity that you need to do something with? Or maybe you just love The Silver Lining and would count it a great honor to have your work and ideas featured in the game. Either way, the all new TSL Contest is what you need! Check it out now at:

The Silver Lining Team also encourages you to be at our website,, on July 30 for a special event. Along with many other fun and exciting activities, you will have the opportunity to chat live with the developers of The Silver Lining. This is an event you do not want to miss.

To receive regular updates and get all the latest news about The Silver Lining, subscribe to our newsletter by going here:

Lastly, you too can join the community of over 3,000 subscribers and loyal fans and enter the exciting world of The Silver Lining by going to

Donny J. Taylor
PR & Web Assistant
The Silver Lining Development Team
Phoenix Online Studios