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Hi Brandon!  Sorry I haven’t been around here in a while.  Telltale is keeping me so busy, I hadn’t realized it’d been a month since I last checked these boards!  I am doing marketing and community management for them.  And giving unsolicited opinions on games, of course. 🙂

Telltale’s Sam & Max games will become a reality.  I know people are wary because of previous cancellations, but that’s not going to happen this time.  It’s very exciting to see things coming together!

As for the comics — you’re not the only person who’s complained about the mouse-overs.  We are planning to offer ‘flat’ versions (without the pop-up bubbles) in the future, in addition to the pop-up versions.  As far as the comics showing up in book form, I don’t know if there are plans for that, but I think Steve has said in the past that he’s open to doing more Sam & Max books at some point.

(Is your username Brandon on AG?  If so, I didn’t realize that was you. *blush*)

Have you (or anyone on the board) checked out The Great Cow Race?  If so, I’m curious to hear what people think of it.  It’s getting a lot of comparisons to LucasArts games like Monkey Island and Day of the Tentacle (Dave Grossman, who was a designer on both of those games, was the senior designer on The Great Cow Race, so people are right to notice the similarities!)  I’m curious to hear Sierra fans’ opinions on it, too, because in spite of the LucasArts influence I think there’s a lot in the game for any old school adventure fan to enjoy.  (And only $12.99!  That’s less than dinner at a restaurant!)