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I hope this discussion continues and a game is produced even if it takes three years or more.  My life is very busy working 40 hrs a week and the family needing me and the computer in the evenings.  If a game was made in the true style and heart of the old Sierra games with no legal copywrite problems, I could see making the effort to stay up late and work hard on this game worth while.  I guess that is why I have been hanging around this site for such a long time.  Waiting for the next game. 
Games like those Sierra created took one away from the day to day life.  Ken, for me, has created another game.  I enjoy listening to the wonderful travels he and his wife take around the world, like their trip to Coatia.  I like my day to day life but it gets to a point where it is like an old record that skips and plays the same sound over and over.
I would like to be able to create my own games instead of buying the trash they are selling in these new games.  Todays games are more like watching a movie.  They don’t bring you into the game.
Anyway…back to the grind stone.