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I have taken a college class on management.  The teacher talked about a process called TQM (Total Quality Management) where each group assigned a task is responsible for the quality of that task.  A game would need an engine that would make it possible to create more games in the future.  According to my User Interface class, technology should not quide the developement process, the user should and how they interact with the computer/game.  I have been working on a web based interface.  I understand a little of how hard it is to write a game engine.  The current program can create a walk sequence in any direction in the web browser using the slope intercept formula.  The x direction is changed by one and the y direction is calculated.  Unfortunately this causes movement in the y direction to be faster the closer one gets to the y value of the initial position.  The program would also require changing the array of images based on the direction one travels, scaling the image in a 3D world, and collision detection.  One could pull an engine off the shelf but what rights would they give away?  Making a game is near imposible but the challenge would be a great learning experience and give purpose to some of our lifes.  ‘Purpose Driven Life’ :  )  res4.doc