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I’m a bit bias, but I’d have to say Sierra HANDS DOWN. Maybe its just me, but Sierra games just had something special about them… they created a serious sense of nostalgia within myself. LucasArts games were just another ‘game’ to play. With the exception of Monkey Island 3, I have no desire to even go back and replay them. I’ll sit and play King’s Quest 3, Space Quest 4, or Gold Rush any chance I get even though I know exactly what to do to finish the game. That’s an attribute Sierra games have that no one can match.

As for who had a “better run” I still think Sierra wins. In my opinion thier run started in 1984 with King’s Quest 1 and continued until 1998 with Quest for Glory V. That’s a solid 14 year run. I don’t know when LucasArts’s run started or ended, but it doesn’t matter and I don’t care. Sierra wins no matter what.