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(Re: Sam and Max 2 Cancelled – Ken Comments?) To give Ken a bit more knowledge of the situation in case you don’t know… LucasArts also cancelled their Full Throttle sequel. This is another of LucasArts’ classic, original adventure games.
The Full Throttle sequel was not meeting with good reactions from the fans though. S+M, on the other hand, from only a couple of screenshots, was very well received.
And now, it’s been substantiated that LucasArts is working on a fifth Monkey Island game, another of their popular original classic adventure games. I don’t doubt that this game too will be canned in good time.
The LA press statement on the cancellation of S+M was absolutely ridiculous. It was basically a one-liner from some PR guy that demonstrated a complete incompetence and lack of understanding of the classic LucasArts fan base that is out there.
LucasArts, just as Sierra, has stopped selling their early games (though they did sell them for much longer after the fact than Sierra did (which was not at all), mostly in collections, after the fact meaning for Sierra when Sierra was sold, and for LucasArts when they stopped making adventure games). Now, as has been commented on elsewhere, LucasArts is all about Star Wars and pretty much nothing else. This is very sad.
By the way Brad, where did you read that S+M was almost at completion? I doubt that was the case.