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Ressurecting an old thread here………… I just discovered this series last week, as I spent most of it playing the first one. I just purchased Syberia 2 the other day and am currently playing it. The story is just incredible. The characters are amazing. I really like Oscar the Automaton (don’t call him a robot, lol). It’s cool when you find a game series that pulls you in. My other favorite game series’ that have made me feel this way besides Syberia are King’s Quest, Gabriel Knight and Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic.  


Um………. I’ve thought a bit about Kate Walker’s evolution. In the first game she is this lawyer from New York. Kind of posh. Presumably into fashion and being a walking cliche of being a girly-girl in every sense of the term, according to her phone conversations with best friend Olivia. Then during the second half of the game her abandonment of her New York life is catalyzed by Olivia’s affair with her fiance, Dan. While she should go back to New York she continues with Hans and Oscar instead. I think she feels like since she has abandoned her lifestyle she feels more empowered. So she would be more inclined to carry her luggage now, or get her hands dirty carrying an oar.

Once again, I’m really loving this game. If anybody needs a new series to try check Syberia 1&2 out!

OT: I can’t wait for Jane Jensen’s Gray Matter =)