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Brandon, there were no liner notes, as such. The disc is a hybrid disc that had data and audio tracks and was included in the same box that the game disc came in. I could scan the disc and the disc box, if you would like. 600 dpi?

What serves as liner notes is on the data track with the game manuals and the GK1 graphic manual. The entire data track is a little over 14 MB zipped. I would be willing to upload it some where for you, but I am on dialup and I have been timed out uploading things of any size to this site. If you have an FTP that I upload it, or you have another idea, let me know.

Here is what is in a TXT file in the base directory:

Gabriel Knight Mysteries LTD. Edition
Soundtrack Enhanced CD with Docs

Sierra On-Line


CD Track 1 is a data track and may be playable on some CD players.
Please skip this track to get to the music.