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(Wow…no new posts in this subforum in two years.)

I’ve been drawing quite a bit of Sierra fan art these last few months, and I just realized that I haven’t posted any links to it here! So here’s a big collection of sketches and CG’d work, very little of which is of a serious nature (the links redirect you to DeviantART, so they may take a while to load; also, some pictures need to be clicked on in order to see all the details):

Having the Fates as Relatives (King’s Quest 7)

Why Manannan Kidnapped Boys (King’s Quest 3)

Alexander has had enough (King’s Quest)

Crazy Eights (King’s Quest)

Sierra’s Girls (King’s Quest, Laura Bow, Leisure Suit Larry, Lost in Time, Pepper’s Adventures in Time (whew!))

Alexander is no fun anymore (King’s Quest)

The most troubled of them all (a sequel to the previous picture, King’s Quest)

Princes With Problems (a follow-up to the above two pictures, King’s Quest)

King’s Quest doodles

CONSPIRACY! (King’s Quest)

Life Donor (King’s Quest 7)

Gwydion (King’s Quest 3)

The horrifying truth about Valanice’s parentage (King’s Quest)

Brother and Sister (King’s Quest)

That’s it!