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Hi all!  I, like many others here, grew up addicted to Sierra
even had a best friend whose parents would buy him every single new
Sierra game as it came out, and we’d play for hours or days straight
until we beat it.  It made me sad when the Quests stopped coming
as I got older, but hope springs eternal. 🙂  I’ve been working on
making a game of my own (using AGS) called ‘Henchman’, and it’s turning
out pretty well.  It’ll probably be 4 to 6 more months before I
finish it.  But it occurred to me a month ago, if I were allowed,
I’d really like to send a free copy to Roberta and Ken, just as a kind
of thank you for a childhood full of laughs and adventure.  I’ll
be eventually uploading it on the AGS forums when it’s done, you can
see the In Production thread for it at:

I’d like to mail them a copy on CD, though, with a full case and
artwork and stuff.  I swear, I’m not trying to push it through for
development, or even for praise or critique or anything, I just really
want to show them that they inspired future generations to follow in
their footsteps. 🙂  Is anyone ever allowed to do things like
this?  Ken, would it be too much of an invasion of your privacy to
ask how to mail you something like that?  Even if I can’t, thanks
again for all the good times and memories.