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I am still struggling through the test program. I am working on a Javascript, HTML, DTML and CSS web based, Sierra style video game. I am currently working on the base game engine. I am
working with notepad. The attached zip file includes two web pages and the related images.
One is a funny spoof on Ken and Roberta’s new boat. The second one is an improved object mover
for the web game.

I have been able to slow down the object motion for a walk sequence to the
cursor location. But, it only works once in the positive x direction. I will later swap out
images to imitate a walk.

I would like to create a new Laura Bow game after the great writings of one of this sites member/guest “Laura Bow: Night of the Opera”. Anyone is welcome to use the code or improve on. After the enginee is created, I will work on the story board and then pictures. Unfortunately, in Paint.
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